Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions give you an enhanced lash line that is naturally darker, fuller and longer. Receive complementary lengths and colors to brighten and lift your eyes. Each Eyelash Extension is applied one by one to your natural lash meticulously by our highly certified Lash Artists. This added lash volume is perfect for special occasions or for every day. Here at Vedette Beauty & Skin Care we use only medical grade adhesives and top-notch lash products in the market guaranteeing you a flawless lash look.

Classic Mink Set starting at $125

Classic lashes is a technique where one lash extension is applied to one natural lash. Classic lashes are perfect for clients who have full natural lashes, but want to add more length. Your lash artist will choose the length, thickness, and curl that works best for your natural lash. Our biggest concern is keeping our guests lashes healthy!

Master Artist $170
Lash Artist $150
Apprentice Artist $125

Classic Lash Fill starting at $40

Return within 2-3 weeks to revamp and replace Eyelash Extensions that have shed Naturally or that have grown up the natural lash.

Master Artist
2 week $60
3 week $70
4 week $80

Lash Artist
2 week $50
3 week $60
4 week $70

Apprentice Artist
2 week $40
3 week $50

Hybrid Set $230

Hybrid is a combination of both classic and volume technique. This is best for people who can’t decide between classic and volume lash sets. Hybrid sets can be completely customized to your desired look since your lash technician will be deciding how many volume and classic extensions to apply. Most people choose this set when they want textured or wispy look similar to a strip lash.

Hybrid Set Fill 2-3 week fill $110

Return within 2-3 weeks to revamp and replace Eyelash Extensions that have shed Naturally or that have grown up the natural lash.

Up to 3 week max $100 change to 2-3 week fill $110

Volume Set $250

Volume is when multiple lash extensions are applied to one single natural eyelash. Depending on your desired look and lash health will determine how many lashes will be placed on each natural lash. The lash extension used in this method are extremely thinner than the lash extension used for the classic lash set. 2-4 lashes are placed on each natural lash. Volume lash extensions are lighter, fluffier and will give you a fuller look. The Volume Set is perfect for clients who have low density, sparse lashes, bald spots or just want a more dramatic look. Volume will suit everyone and anyone! We can create the most natural or dramatic look with this technique.

Volume Set Fill

Return 2-3 weeks to revamp and replace Eyelash Extensions that have shed Naturally or that have grown up the natural lash. AFTER 3 WEEKS YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO GET A NEW FULL SET. NO EXCEPTION!

2 week $100
3 week $120

Bottom Lash extension $60

Complete your lash look with extensions lining your bottom lashes. *You must book this service along with one lash service*

Transfer Program $140

Have you received eyelash extensions elsewhere and now you would like to see what all the hype is about with Vedette Lashes? We will completely remove your old full set or build from there (if not clumpy, clusters or flares) making your lashes full, individually feathery and completely customized to your preference.

Mega Volume Lash Set $300

Mega Volume Set is a technique where you will achieve MAXIMUM effect of fullness. The difference between a Volume and Mega Volume Set is the amount of lash extensions being applied on each natural lash. 5-13 lashes are placed on each natural lash. The lashes used for this technique are the thinnest lashes made to ensure that there will be no damage caused to your natural lashes. This set is perfect if you have extremely sparse lashes or just want a very dramatic look. This set will last you about a month with the proper after care.

The mega volume set will give you the maximum effect of fullness. This set is perfect for you if you want a very dramatic look.

Relash From Another Lash Artist $100

This service is for clients seeking a fill from Vedette Beauty & Skin Care but did not have their prior full set or fill done with us.


*Apprentice Artist*

Vedette Beauty & Skin Care Apprentice Artist is our newest trained lash artist, offering services at reduced prices to increase their speed.

– Full set of Classic Lash Extensions $125

– 2 Week Fill $40

– 3 Week Fill $50

All work is supervised and checked by our Master Lash Artist. Keep in mind that additional time is required when booked with our Apprentice.

If you have less than 40% of your lashes and/or you lost the shape of the design you will need a full set.
Please arrive makeup free around the eyes. If we have to remove makeup that will take away from the lash application time.

Here is how to prepare for your Eyelash Extensions Appointment.

  • Arrive with No eye make up on
  • Arrive 10-15mins before appointment for consultation
  • Make sure your phone is set to silent